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So the past few days I’ve been watching all of the Harry Potter movies in order. Now, to most of you, this might not seem like anything at all. In fact, the only reason I mention it is because, well, I’ve never seen them before. (Nor have I read all of the books). And SUDDENLY- Life makes SO. MUCH. MORE. SENSE. You just have no idea. I now understand these references. 8l And I’m sure I don’t understand all of them yet, I’ve only seen four of these movies.

…Now, excuse me while I go put in the next one. 8l

  1. froggybangbang said: You really, REALLY, read the books! Your life will be even more complete!
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    YES. YES, DOESN’T IT! HP makes EVERYTHING make sense now! Muwahaha Dear Cousin, now you shall read the books and your...
  3. alittlelights said: Oh also does this mean I now have someone to see the newest one with? bc my other plans fell apart
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